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Café Express: European Seafood Feast Dinner Buffet

During May and June, Café Express continues to delight seafood lovers with the brand new ‘European Seafood Feast’ Dinner Buffet.

The culinary team specially selects the freshest seafood ingredients from Europe and crafts an amazing array of European seafood cuisine. The wide diversity and impressive flavours of the exquisite seafood will surely please any discerning diners. Dinner Buffet also heightens the renowned Rollex oysters, imported from the deep sea of South Africa. Rollex oysters have a creamy taste, maintaining a balance between marine and sweetness.

Featuring a Roasted Beef Carving Station and a Sashimi & Sushi Counter, the dinner buffet offers an impressive array of cold and hot dishes. Highlights from the cold selection include Scotland Oyster Cocktail, Belgium Scallop Tartar, Scotland Smoked Salmon with Beetroot and Caper, and Ireland Mussels with Sausage Salad. Delectable hot dishes feature Grilled Netherlands Dove Sole Fish Fillet with Mushroom Sauce, Sautéed French Blue Mussels with White Wine, Spanish Seafood Paella and Braised Finland Sea Shrimps with Black Truffle Cream Sauce.

Café Express’ European Seafood Feast Dinner Buffet is available daily throughout May and June from 6:00pm-8:00pm and 8:30pm-11:00pm. 


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